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-  See your business found for searches on Google
-  Get likes, shares, and talked about on social media
-  Generate leads and close sales on ideal customers

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If your website

And you've tried one (or more) of this methods

  • DIY Fix

    Tried to fix the website yourself but it's too technical and time-consuming.

  • Paid advertisement

    It's expensive and not getting the desired results.

  • Ask Uncle YouTube

    All the "YouTube experts" say it's easy but you can't follow.

  • Fiverr

    Tried to get help on Fiverr and find it tough to communicate with foreign assistance.

  • Forums and FB groups

    No one really is really able to help.

  • Psychiatric help

    Just kidding on this, Checking if you're paying attention. 🙂

You've finally found the right people

Read on below


What we do and how we can help you

See your business found for searches on Google

We STRATEGIZE SEO for your business's website so that your website gets listed and progressively rank higher in the search results.

How it's done is by employing holistic SEO techniques on the contents you have, the overall website optimization as well as off-site optimization.


Get likes, shares, and talked about on Social Media

Tap on the power of Social Media to grow your business's presence by constantly ENGAGING WITH FANS. We also put in place BOTS to answer your business's common questions for SALES and SUPPORT.

Get Likes, Shares, and talked about on Social Media

Generate LEADS. CLOSE SALES and satisfaction from IDEAL CUSTOMERS

Ultimately, this is what your business website should get you. We help your business get more leads, close sale and retain the loyalty of the ideal customer. Best of all,  we put in place automation of this processes.

xsquare-Website with more leads, sales and conversions

Clients we are working with

Please note that the list below is our clients; not necessarily for websites. We would put up some of our past work for websites in due time. Read our FAQ section above to find out why.

Some of the leading industry tools we're using

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